About us

ADMOTEC develops and produces precision magnetic sensors that provide high performance for the demanding conditions of aerospace, automotive, nuclear, heavy mill duty and general industrial applications. Admotec is dedicated to applying leading edge technologies and manufacturing techniques to the production of cost-effective, high performance solutions for measuring rotary position, speed, and angle. From our headquarters in Zürich, Switzerland and sales offices in Lebanon, New Hampshire/USA, Admotec is well-positioned to meet the motion and position sensing needs of original equipment manufacturers around the world.

ROTASYN brushless resolvers of all sizes


Admotec is dedicated to applying leading-edge magnetic technologies and manufacturing techniques to the production of high-performance cost-effective solutions for measuring linear and rotary position, speed, and angle for a wide variety of aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

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Airbus A350 ROTASYN Aerospace

Our History

The history of Admotec - from a motion control distributor to a certified supplier for the aerospace industry

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Canned ROTASYN RVDT for Aerospace


Admotec Precision is commited to provide transparence about the materials and processes used in production. All of our products are compliant with RoHS and REACH regulations as well as the Dodd-Frank act.

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To assure the best quality for our customers, Admotec Precision is certified to EN9100 and AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems by DQS GmbH.

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