We will help you develop, test and refine prototype motion sensing components. And we will work quickly to finalize designs and start production runs. We are, of course, always ready to sign confidentiality agreements to protect your entire design process. Let our experience and magnetic technology solve your most demanding motion and position sensing problems.

Admotec products operate in harsh environments with high accuracy

  • Speeds up to 150,000 rpm
  • Temperatures from -70° to 220°C
  • Accuracies to 4 arc minutes

Admotec offers both off-the-shelf products and custom-designed solutions

For test purposes and verification of solutions, Admotec engineers recommend standard products off the shelf. Depending on the application, they may also modify existing products for specific conditions, or design custom sensors.

Unique Capabilities for a Wide Range of Applications

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Automation
  • Naval Industry
  • Nuclear Energy
  • Oil Drilling Equipment