Our History

Admotec was founded in 1987 to develop, design, manufacture, and market motion and position sensors and transducers for original equipment manufacturers. Admotec is dedicated to applying leading-edge magnetic technologies and manufacturing techniques to the production of high-performance cost-effective solutions for measuring linear and rotary position, speed, and angle for a wide variety of aerospace, automotive and industrial applications.

  • 1987: Founded near Zurich as a distributor for motion control
  • 1994: First patent for ROTASYN solid rotor resolver
  • 1996: Magnetic encoder production started at Admotec Inc. USA in Lebanon, NH
  • 1998: Start of resolver production with a distributed supply chain in Switzerland
  • 2005: First flight of an A380 with 6 Rotasyns in the Hi-Lift System
  • 2007: Acquisition of  Admotec Inc. by Avtron Industrial Automation
  • 2009: EN9100/AS9100 certification as a supplier to the aerospace industry
  • 2014: Re-Launch of Admotec Precision LLC in Labanon, NH, USA