Inductive Sensors for reliable and accurate solutions

ByInductive Sensors combining experience in the mechanical world with an intimate knowledge of electronics and magnetics, Admotec offers solutions in the field of inductive sensors that exceed the limits of other technologies. The following are just a few of the many real-world customer problems that have been solved with the Admotec technology.




Aerospace Resolver for highly precise angle measurements

Rotasyn resolvers are particularly appreciated because they have only the half of coils and that thes coils are placed in the Stator. This doubles practically the MTBF

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ROTASYN Resolver Motorsport

Automotive Resolver - High speed E-Motor controlling

In racing cars the Rotasyn resolvers are used to drive electrical PM Motors because they are so insentive to vibrations and allow very high speeds.

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Heavy Duty Position Sensors for demanding environment

Sensing position and speed of moves under difficult conditions are often underestimated. Specially at very high temperatures and stong shocs.

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Nuclear Monitoring Sensors for atomic power plants

Position and speed monitoring in critical areas of nuclear reactors is not easy. Admotec offers resolvers where all insulating parts are made of the most radiation hardened isolation material including Long cables.

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ROTASYN Resolver Marine

Marine Angular Feedback Systems for rudders

Electric controls are used more and more on ships. As the environnement of salt, humidity and water is very demanding for electrical sensors, is the Rotasyn resolver because it 's simplicity the perfect answer.

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Rotasyn Resolver Downhole Application

Oil Drilling

One of the most difficult environments for sensitive and accurate sensors is certainly the one of oil drilling in the earth. Not only high pressures but also high temperatures creates many sorrow to the engineers.

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