Nuclear Monitoring Sensors for atomic power plants

How do you explain the radiation resistance of Rotasyn resolvers? The explanation is simple: the resolver consists only of metal parts (copper, stainless steel and Fe-Si) except the insulating materials in the stator which are all made of polyimide (Kapton). Since the insulation is the most sensitive to radiation, its choice determines the radiation resistance of the entire resolver. Cf. CERN publications on the radiation resistance of insulating materials. Polyimide survives a maximal dose of 5*10^9 Rad  or 5*10^7 Gy.

Problem 1°

A major nuclear power plant had problems with prematurely failing surveillance resolvers that were operating in a high radiation zone of the system. There nuclear monitoring sensors were not delivering the required data.

The solution: Nuclear Monitoring Sensors by Admotec

Nuclear Monitoring SensorsAdmotec engineers recommended the use of Rotasyn resolvers with radiation resistive insulation materials for monitoring angle and speed. The Rotasyn design has twice the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) compared to standard resolvers due to the lack of coils on the rotor, and is available with complete radiation resistive insulation made from polyimide. Due to the highly increased lifetime, the maintenance cost of the control systems of the power plant could be greatly reduced.



Problem 2°

In order to measure the position of probes in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the CERN institute in Geneva, an angular feedback system that is both hermetically enclosed and able to withstand high doses of radiation is needed.

The solution: Hermetic Rotasyn by Admotec

Nurclear Monitoring Sensors

Hermetic Rotasyn

Admotec resolvers with their solid rotor allow a hermetic separation of the rotor and the stator and hence an encapsulated operation. Since the insulation of the stator is completely made from polyimide, the resolvers are able to withstand extremely high radiation doses without compromising the functionality of the system. These two unique properties make Admotec resolvers perfectly suited for this high-end application.