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Going Global!


With new representatives by MOC Mitaka in Japan and AeroMSD in Brazil, Admotec Precision is expanding its ability to quickly react to customer needs in South America and Asia. MOC Mitaka is a Tokyo based trading company with more than 30 years of experience in the sales and distribution of magnetic rotary sensors. Their experience with the Japanese customs and markets ...

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New Offices and Address for Admotec Precision AG in Zurich


Starting 1 April 2015, Admotec will be in its new offices in Zurich, Kieselgasse 12. A 50% increase in space was necessary due to the growth of the company in recent years. ...

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Restart of our offices in New Hampshire, USA


As of the beginning of this year, our American business is again run under the name of Admotec Precision. Our former partner, Nidec-Avtron Automation in Independence, OH decided to cede the representation of Admotec Precision AG in the US for strategic reasons. At the same time, Admotec Precision LLC was founded in Lebanon, NH and is seamlessly taking over the ...

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International Air Show – Paris Le Bourget


Admotec will be exhibiting its products at the 49th International PARIS AIR SHOW Le Bourget, 20 – 26 June 2011 at the Swiss Pavilion in Hall 4. There you will see Rotasyn Resolvers with double MTBF KX Series Magnetic Encoders for harsh environments Other innovations in the field of angular transducers We look forward to seeing you at the International ...

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Better Quality for Customers


Initially Admotec Precision AG focused on resolver solutions for the industrial market. However, the growing success of Admotec’s Rotasyn resolvers in aerospace applications led Admotec Precision to apply for aerospace certification of its Quality Management System. As a result, Admotec Precision AG is pleased to announce that it has been certified to EN9100 and AS9100 Aerospace Quality Management Systems by ...

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Avtron Announces Acquisition of Admotec Inc


Official Announcement ...

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KA Series 1Vpp Sine/Cosine Magnetic Encoders Offer Affordable Solutions


Admotec Inc. has introduced the new RoHS compliant KA Series 1Vpp sine/cosine output magnetic encoders. Ideal for spindle feedback, industrial tachometers and servo motors, KA encoders provide high performance in measurement and feedback applications where optical encoders don’t work or don’t last. KA sine/cosine magnetic encoders are available in two standard configurations and can also be fully customized for special ...

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KX Series Magnetic Encoders Offer Affordable Solutions


Admotec Inc. has introduced the new RoHS compliant KX Magnetic Encoders to provide high performance in harsh or difficult environments where traditional encoders don’t work or don’t last. Available in standard and custom configurations, these rotary magnetic encoders offer original equipment manufacturers affordable solutions in any quantity—from prototype to high volume production. Because the KX encoders are magnetic rather than ...

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Large-Bore Magnetic Encoder Solves Speed and Position Measurement Problem In Harsh Environment


A major manufacturer of torque flanges (large-diameter rotating torque transducers) has solved the problem of accurate speed and position measurement in the harsh environment of automotive dynamometers and power train test stands. After experiencing early failure of their optical encoders, the manufacturer installed a large-bore (200mm) magnetic encoder directly into the torque flange, providing a compact, reliable speed and position ...

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Custom Magnetic Encoder Solves Problem for Printing Equipment Manufacturer


A major printing equipment manufacturer needed to accurately measure the angular position of the imaging drum in a sophisticated offset plate setter. A traditional optical encoder used in the past produced cyclical errors due to the flexible coupling which resulted in poor image quality. A new custom magnetoresistive encoder, designed and produced by Admotec Inc., was able to mount directly ...

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