Speed Sensors for various applications – Product Range

Quality Management for producing Speed SensorsAdmotec’s speed sensors respectively Rotasyn resolver products are inductive transducers or sensors used to translate a mechanical angle, distance, speed, or position into an electrical signal for use by a computer or as feedback in a control system. We offer two families of products to accomplish this task, standard Rotasyn resolvers and customized Rotasyn resolvers. All of our products are designed to work in harsh environments and under difficult conditions where other products fail.



ROTASYN brushless resolvers of all sizes

Standard Rotasyn Resolvers

Our line of standard resolvers are available off the shelf in sizes from 8 to 30. This allow you to quickly test a Rotasyn—with or without bearing—in your application.

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Hermetical Limited Angle RVDT

Custom Rotasyn Resolvers

In many cases, customers require modifications to the standard Rotasyn to fit their application. We can make special sizes, different electrical parameters, special protection, customized housings with or without bearings, etc. to meet your needs.

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Legacy Products

Data of legacy products.

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