Custom Rotasyn Resolvers

How do you find a cost-effective solution? Two aspects must always be considered: the purchase price of the sensor and its cost of installation.

Often a customer-specific solution greatly reduces installation and adjustment costs. It should also be kept in mind that the manufacturing cost is less dependent on the complexity of the sensor than on the quantity produced. It can be assumed that for every factor 10 increase in quantity, the costs reduce by about 16% due to the economies of scale.

Admotec designs customized Rotasyn resolvers based on our customer’s requirements. Our resources allow you to delegate all resolver-specific design and manufacturing problems to us.

Send us your specification or drawings and we will make a proposal.

Framed ROTASYN Miniature Resolver

Miniature Simplex Resolver

Housed with bearings and spline shaft.

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Canned ROTASYN Resolver for Aerospace skydrol hydraulic system

Hermetically Sealed Resolver

For corrosive liquid and gas environments.

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Canned ROTASYN RVDT for Aerospace

Hermetically Sealed Limited Angle RVDT

Sweep angle ±30°.

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Hermetical Limited Angle RVDT

Hermetically Sealed RVDT With No Rotating Seals

No rotating seals.

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Inverted ROTASYN Resolver for Downhole

External Rotor Resolver

Inside out design.

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Canned Duplex ROTASYN Resolver for Aerospace skydrol hydraulic system

Duplex Resolver with No Rotating Seals

For redundant applications. Resolver for aircraft hydraulic systems with Skydrol

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ROTASYN Triplex Canned Marine Resolver

Triplex Resolver with No Rotating Seals

Triple redundant undersea resolver.

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ROTASYN Multispeed Brushless Resolver

Multispeed Rotasyn Resolver

64 electrical cycles per revolution.

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