Resolvers are a link between the physical universe, analog in nature, and the digital world of automatic controls and computers. As angular rotary sensors they are particularly useful for solving difficult electrical axis control problems. The signal of the angle or position (ϕ) of the resolver contains 3 physical quantities which can be easily extracted with a digital processor: Speed (dϕ / dt), acceleration (d2ϕ / dt2) and jerk (d3ϕ / dt3) are obtained by differentiating the angle or position (ϕ) with respect to time. With speed and acceleration sensors, the position information is missing.

Standard Rotasyn Resolvers

ROTASYN brushless resolvers of all sizes

Our line of standard resolvers are available off the shelf in sizes from 8 to 30. This allow you to quickly test a Rotasyn—with or without bearing—in your application.

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Custom Rotasyn Resolvers

Hermetical Limited Angle RVDT

In many cases, customers require modifications to the standard Rotasyn to fit their application. We can make special sizes, different electrical parameters, special protection, customized housings with or without bearings, etc. to meet your needs.

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